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Frame Selection

At Clay Street EyeCare, we offer a great selection of both fashionable and affordable frames.

We welcome everyone to stop in and view our large frame collection of 1,000+ frames. We have trained frame consultants who are happy to help you in your frame selection to find the right style and fit.  An appointment is not required to look at frames, and we gladly accept outside prescriptions.  We offer a 20% discount if a second pair is ordered within 60 days of the first pair. We recommend everyone to always have a backup pair.  Prescription sunglasses are also a nice second pair to have for protection from the sun.


Children should not have any trouble finding frames from our selection of RayBan, Guess, OP, Nike, Oakley, Izod, Ted Baker and other frames. For our very little patients, we offer Dilli Dalli pediatric frames that are very durable and flexible. With kids, we always want to ensure an excellent fit. We recommend polycarbonate lenses for children. These are the safest lenses available.


We have a large selection of women’s frames. Styles change often, and we are always trying to stay current on the latest trends, as fashion is very important to women. The top brands we carry are Coach, Fossil, Kate Spade, Liz Claiborne, Michael Kors, Nine West, RayBan, Ted Baker, Brendel, and Vera Wang. Frames are available in a variety of colors, and some are available in different sizes.


Durable frames are vital for most men. We offer very durable Flexon frames that include a two-year warranty. We also carry athletic men’s frames, such as Nike and Oakley. For a man wanting a more stylish look, we have plenty of options for them as well including Nautica, Ray Ban, Guess, Gant, Izod, Scott Harris, and more.


Wearing sunglasses is a necessity to protect your eyes from the sun. It is crucial to make sure your sunglasses provide protection from the UV rays. Our sunglass selection includes Coach, Fossil, Liz Claiborne, Michael Kors, Maui Jim, Nine West, Oakley, RayBan, and more. Most of our sunglass frames can be made into prescription sunglasses, or sold as is for plano sunglasses worn without prescription or over contact lenses. There are a variety of lens tint color options available, including mirror coating options, polarized, or non-polarized lenses. We also have available Cocoon sunclips or Fitover glasses, for a less expensive option but still delivers the recommended protection.

Sports Goggles

With so many children involved in athletics now, it is sometimes necessary to get a specific pair of sports glasses. We carry sports goggles with either a strap or temple option that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Please consider our sports goggles to help reduce the chances of sight damaging injuries during play.

Safety Glasses

Many local industries require OSHA approved safety glasses. At Clay Street EyeCare, we offer safety eyewear for work, home and play. You will find a large selection of men’s, women’s and goggle-type safety lenses. Many of our manufacturing businesses require OSHA approved safety eyewear which we can provide for you. Many eye injuries occur around the house and in the yard. Let us help you receive the best eye protection for your eyes.

Types of Contact Lenses

With advancements in contact lens materials and designs, more people can wear contacts successfully.  There are many types of contacts.  Drs Otte and Buechler will examine your eyes to assess not only your prescription, but also, the shape and health of your eyes, your lifestyle and also the contacts you are currently wearing or have in the past.  With this information they will select the contacts that should work best for you.  The most commonly fit contacts are the daily wear soft contacts.  These contacts are designed to be discarded on a daily, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Wearing disposable contacts is convenient and requires less maintenance but they need to be replaced as prescribed by the doctor.  Disposable lenses are now available in most prescription.

Gas permeable lenses are also available and offer better vision for some prescriptions.  Dr Buechler also prescribes scleral contact lenses if needed for some prescription or vision problems.  Please call our office to discuss all contact lens options that may be available to for you.

Lens Options

Progressive Lenses

Of course, we still fit and prescribe traditional bifocal and trifocal lenses but most of our patients now wear some type of progressive addition lenses (PALS). Some people call these no-line bifocals but they are functionally much more than that – offering a full range of focus distances. Not only do your friends not see the bifocal line but you don’t either. With these lenses, you should be able to see distance, near and in between on the computer. There are several types of PALS. Let our doctors and lens technicians help you decide which best fit your needs.

Computer Lenses

In today’s society and work environments, computers and other technology are just a part of our life. There is now a definitive diagnosis of Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eyestrain. Do you suffer from blurry vision after working on a computer all day? Do you notice tired or dry eyes or headaches after looking at your devices for long periods? Your normal dress pair of glasses may not meet all of your visual needs. Being on a computer monitor all day is stressful visually and ergonomically. A separate pair of computer glasses with a blue light filter might make your day a lot easier at work. Dr Kordes and Dr Buechler can answer your questions about these lenses.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating is a great option to add to your lenses to cut glare. It provides protection from distracting reflections especially during nighttime driving and from overhead lights. This coating will help provide clearer vision and filters out UV radiation. Anti-reflective coating protects against glare, scratches, and smudges to deliver the clearest vision possible.

Scratch Coating

Scratch coating is a recommended option to add to your lenses for extra protection. This coating provides resistance to scratches on both the front and backside of the lenses.

Thinner/Light-Weight Lenses

We offer a variety of different types of lens materials to make your glasses as thin and light-weight as possible. We typically suggest high-index lenses especially if you have strong prescription. This lens material will visibly make your glasses lighter and more attractive regardless of your prescription. Ask us about the best options available for your prescription.